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We’ve been practicing Corporate Transactions for years, with countless successful cases to our name. Our clients can count on our Corporate Transactions team to manage the legal framework to achieve a win. When our lawyers are involved in a case, we help our clients successfully resolve matters as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Let LexLegatus be the solution for your Compliance Resourcing needs. By combining a fundamental understanding of the big picture with the complexity of daily interactions and experiences, our lawyers provide proactive solutions to a diversity of clients. Our partners and associates are involved in some of the most innovative, sophisticated, and complex Compliance Resourcing cases across the globe.

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Got a Contract case on your hands? We are ready to help! LexLegatus has lawyers eager to advise our clients on Contracts matters. We are proud to extend our legal experiences to help serve clients of all types and sizes.

LexLegatus' experts manage the complex documents that need to be maintained throughout their life cycles in order to alleviate potential risks. We effectively negotiate the terms of the contract, ensure all parties comply with those terms, and oversee any amendments or changes during the life cycle of the contract.

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LexLegatus provides legal fact-finding services that include discrete subject-matter analyses and broad multi-jurisdictional surveys of diverse geographies of federal and states, International and municipal laws and statutes by our SMEs using global Legal database.

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We, support attorneys and corporate houses by preparing various legal documents for them and thus help them get the maximum value of their time with legal standards.

With our experts and advanced technology with superior quality measures taken care, the quality of work product is excellent.

Our team consists of qualified professionals with good experience in the legal drafting field. They take care of the diminutive details while drafting any legal document to ensure its highest quality and legitimacy.

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We provide a full suite of services across the Electronic Discovery Reference Model supported by the best technical and legal management staffs, using the latest technology available to identify and review relevant information expeditiously and meticulously so that our clients are able to transpire at the key facts of their investigation and make judicious decisions, based on the findings.

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Today’s accelerated business world requires error-free contract processing to build up speed and efficiency.That’s exactly what LexLegatus delivers, with electronic contracting and paper-to-digital contract processing that streamlines the workflow.

eContracting helps in hassle free, expeditious and cautious contracts dealing as errors and missing signatures are fixed before contracts leave the dealership. With electronic verification and smart signing technology that ensure accurate data transfer, you’ll drive down costs, litigation and improve efficiency.

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We help clients identify and manage the risks associated with the use of open source software ensuring the intended use complies with license requirements. We have developed detailed best practices to streamline the product review process and facilitate coordination among various stakeholders. LexLegatus' OSS management process leads to a reduction in reputation and project-specific risk, the elimination of duplication of work and cost avoidance.

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Our security & Risk Consultants provide a broad portfolio of services to address the information security, risk and compliance needs of our clients.

Cyber security threats today have become increasingly disruptive and complex. Organisations, however, have not been able to keep the same pace with the regulations. As they move ahead and embrace new technologies without fully comprehending the implications, many a times they are susceptible to an array of cyber security threats.

In the wake of increased incidents and changing regulations, corporations and government agencies are scuffling to safeguard their data and networks which is catalyzing the growth of cyber security solutions and technologies.

We provide inclusive cyber security services, which not only help businesses to safeguard their data but also to assess, build and manage their cyber security capabilities.

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With the help of most efficient and latest Intellectual property management software, we assist in the tracking and filing of trademarks, copyrights, patents, and other intellectual property to manage databases, of trademarks, automate forms and correspondence for new and ongoing intellectual property ownership, and track possible violations of legal rights for subsequent prosecution.

LexLegatus' Intellectual Property Docketing Management Software helps manage up-to-date client information, license agreements, and opposition filings in a single repository.

We help our clients to streamline the life-cycle of intellectual property procurement and litigation.

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